Replacement and return policy

Replacement and return policy


In order to provide us with the best service for our customers, all your purchases from Tasjeel Online Market are refundable within 7 days from the date of their arrival to you. All you have to do is make sure it remains in its original and undamaged condition.

Return Terms and Policies:

1- The return policy includes all products of the online establishment market.

2- In the event that a wrong product arrives at you, or a shipment arrives in an improper condition, the online establishment market bears all return shipping costs, and in case you want to return for any other reason, the online establishment market does not bear any shipping costs that result.

3- The customer does not have the right to cash back in return for the products he obtained through purchase with free purchase vouchers, as he is compensated with other vouchers, with the customer having the right to recover the paid cash amount only.

 4- In the event that the customer gets a free credit or a free purchase voucher, he is not entitled to convert the balance into cash.

5- The founding market online returns the amounts in the form of a cash balance in the customer’s account once the returned shipments arrive, or resends the amount to the customer’s account in a period of not less than a week after communicating with the customer and taking his information clearly.

 6- The amount must be returned in the event that the products are returned based on the customer’s desire. The products must reach the market headquarters and verify the safety of the returned products.

7- In the event that the customer purchases the products through Visa or MasterCard cards or bank transfer, and the customer wants to recover the amount, compensation will be made by returning the payment to the same Visa or Master Card that was purchased or transferring to the bank account within five working days, as it is subject to Return period to the policy of the bank (or online payment medium) provided to the service. In the case of a visa card, the customer will bear the purchase service fees and will not be deducted from the bill amount

8- In the event that the customer gets free shipping and wishes to return the products, it is the right of the online establishment market to recalculate the free shipping cost.

9 - When the customer wants to cancel the order after shipping it, the online establishment market will return the value of the order minus the value of the freight in addition to the 15 riyals cost of returning the order to the headquarters of the online establishment market